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Baba Yaga


Baba Yaga was a group project done during my 2nd year of university inspired by the old Russian fairytale with the same name. Baba Yaga is a frightening people-eating witch that lives in the woods. She is often depicted as ugly, old and cruel, but also as a wise and sometimes helping character that rewards good deeds. The team decided to adapt the original tale and tell the story of a girl who, after getting mistreated by her family and running to the forest, finds Baba Yaga's hut and, with her help, gets revenge on her cruel relatives.

Asset 2.png

The project went through both pre-production and production stages: we developed concept art, built storyboards and animatics, made several animation tests, and finally delved into modelling and animating it all. Personally, I was responsible for the final design of Baba Yaga, the assembly of the 3D model and its animation and I also worked on part of the assembly and compositing of the shots. Our aim was to finish a short film using digital cut-outs in a 3D environment. Unfortunately, due to the rise of the pandemic, the short film became impossible to finish, so we did a trailer instead. More about this project on my university blog:

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