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Stood up


"Stood Up" was a project briefed at a university module whose objective was to animate a short piece in which a character would be "stood up". The character had to be modelled and rigged by us, and had to be based on an illustration, so I decided to based it on an illustration, made by one of my favorite Portuguese illustrators, Tiago Galo.

Asset 2.png

After having decided on the character design, it was then time to create a story. Considering the character was an astronaut, it made sense that it would be set on another planet. So I then decided that the astronaut would be left on the moon alone and that his spaceship would leave without him. Since the illustration was so geometrical and had such a retro style, I tried my best to convey the same feeling to it when converting to 3D. For the environment itself, I took some inspiration from the classic “A Trip to the Moon” by George Méliès regarding the setting of the moon environment, as if it was a theatre stage.

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