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The GlassHouse


The GlassHouse that Lived Forever was a concept art project from a University module. The brief was to develop the following concept: "A mysterious plague has caused the mass death of most of the Earth’s plant life. Across the world, plant life had declined almost completely. As human life struggles to grapple with their future, just one last tree remains. What species? A mighty sequoia, a gnarled olive tree or something more ordinary? A shrine / temple / museum / stasis field / memorial park has been built, including the glasshouse that houses the tree. This tree is contained in a “protective” glasshouse for a dauntingly bleak, but necessary purpose – to remain for eternity as a beacon of hope, a testament to a legacy of our civilization coexisting in harmony with nature."

Asset 2.png

I started by creating moodboards and drawing thumbnails from them, combining different looking trees with all kinds of different architecture and landscapes. After that I selected a few that stood out and refined them, using black and white tones on a first instance to better push the drawings' contrast levels. I then added colour using Photoshop's mask tools and, after deciding on which one would be the final piece, developed the chosen one further.

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