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Nosferatu - "Destinos Sombrios"

Nosferatu - "Destinos Sombrios"

In June 2022, there was an event to celebrate the centennary of the horror film Nosferatu, by F. W. Murnau (1922). Along with the screening of the film, there was a call for artworks for which I submitted an illustration.

I wanted to represent and pay a tribute to the original film. The main figure is Count Orlok, a maleficent creature whose great power influences the fates of Hutter, Ellen and all the inhabitants of the city of Wisborg. His palid and rat-like appearance looms over Hutter's path to his castle and over Ellen, the tragic heroin of the story. Wisborg's buildings, marked by the plague's crosses, can be seen in the background of the main composition, which is enclosed by the shape of Orlok's coffin and by the rats that he brings to the town.

More information about the event and to check all submitions, you can visit its website:

Illustration for the event "Nosferatu: 100 anos de terror"

The organizing team also decided to host a pannel with speakers and a roundtable discussion with artists.
Luckily, since the organization team liked my submsission, they invited me to participate in the roundtable to talk with other artists and discuss my creative process behind my illustration.

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